What is a FanWrap made of?
FanWraps are manufactured in a three phase production process using the highest quality products to ensure longevity of the wrap while showcasing brand recognition and standards. FanWraps consist of a specially designed wrapping substrate with the highest quality UV resistant inks.


Where should I put it on my car?
FanWraps come in different sizes, and are designed for different parts of your vehicle. You can use our guidelines or choose your own placement. You may install a FanWrap anywhere except in areas that will obstruct the windshield, rear window, or driver and passenger side windows. Installations must follow your state laws, ex. no covering license plates, headlights, brake lights, etc…. A good rule of thumb is: if it is painted you can wrap it.


How do I install it?
Please refer to the installation guide (downloadable PDF format). You may also refer to our installation video. If you have a question not addressed in this FAQ feel free to contact our customer support department.


What is included in the installation kit?

Installation Kit – this includes a squeegee, knife-less tape and instruction sheet for easy installation of the FanWrap. Included in each FanWrap is a smaller version of your final art work. We recommend that you try to install this material on your vehicle first to familiarize yourself with the product.


Will it damage my paint?

Our FanWraps are specifically designed for vehicles. With our toolkit and proper installation techniques you will not damage your car installing a FanWrap. The paint under the FanWrap will be protected from UV and abrasion damage.


How long does it last?
The average lifespan of a FanWrap is 5+ years depending on the care of the vehicle. Vehicle parked outside in direct sunlight in desert like conditions will experience graphic fade faster than vehicles in wooded cooler climates.


Will it start to fade?
The inks we use have automotive grade pigments which are UV resistant along with a UV resistant laminate which further protects the FanWrap. While UV resistant, FanWraps will fade over time.


How do I take it off?
The easiest and best technique for removal is to heat the FanWrap with a hairdryer and slowly peel it off the vehicle. Extra care should be taken if your vehicle has non-factory paint from a re-spray or body work. In rare cases a cold removal with fast pull on a long term FanWrap installation could damage the vehicles paint.


I've had my FanWrap on for about five years and I decided to remove it. I can see where the FanWrap was installed on my vehicle.
The FanWrap will protect your paints finish where applied. The rest of your vehicle has been exposed to the elements. You will see an area where the paint has not faded. This will even out in about six months and fade away entirely.


How can I cut it without scratching my car?
See our installation video for more information about our knifeless tape.


Once it is on can I move it?
During the installation process you can apply and re-apply sections of the wrap to ensure perfect placement, however once installed, the wrap cannot be reinstalled in a new location.


What do I do about air bubbles?
Small bubbles approximately an eighth of an inch will dissipate over time. FanWraps are gas permeable. If you generate large bubbles during the installation process, lift that area of the FanWrap and reapply. Please see our installation video for more information on this topic.


Can I wrap my whole car with it?
FanWraps are a partial vehicle wrap, it is up to you how many you purchase and install.


Can I get it professionally installed?
FanWraps has simplified the installation process to be user friendly. For this reason we do not have a installer network, although most sign shops offer installation services.


Does it last in the snow?
A properly installed FanWrap can withstand Hoth like climates.


How is it shipped?
All items are shipped USPS Priority mail. We currently ship within North America.


What is the cost?
The cost varies between sizes. Please see our product section for specific pricing.


Can I return it?
All sales are final.


What if my package arrives damaged?
We will file a claim with the carrier and replace the damaged merchandise.


Can I make a custom order?
At this time we do not offer custom graphics.


How do I take care of my FanWrap?
FanWraps require the same care as your vehicle. You should wash your vehicle periodically and keep it clean from dirt, grime, bird droppings, etc. It is possible that your FanWrap can become stained if not kept clean.


When will new designs come out?
FanWraps will be offered in waves. These waves come directly from the Lucasfilm archives.and are made available to FanWraps. Examples of these collections are Bounty Hunters, Troopers, Ships, Droids, Aliens, Rebels, Imperials, etc. FanWraps is the only officially licensed partial vehicle wrap producer.


What are the best installation conditions?
Your FanWrap will last years if installed properly using the proper criteria.  Your vehicle must be clean and free of debris and contaminants.  Additionally the temperature should be 50 degrees fahrenheit or above.   Please refer to the installation guide (downloadable PDF format) for further information.


Can I wrap other things besides cars with it?
It’s true. A FanWrap will stick to just about anything. However, FanWraps are specifically designed for vehicle installations.