Installation Guide

The Partial Vehicle Wrap installation process is both fun and easy to do.

There are a few basic steps that need to be completed before you being the installation of your FanWrap. We also recommend that you watch our installation video located on our website to familiarize yourself with the installation process before you begin.

STEP 1: Open your FanWraps package and review the enclosed materials. Select what components of your FanWrap sheet that you wish to apply to your vehicle. With scissors, carefully cut around the desired wrap image isolating it from the other sheet components. Carefully remove the excess vinyl from around the image by pulling slowly from any corner (this is referred to as “weeding”.)

STEP 2: Thoroughly wash the exterior of your vehicle. Specifically where you intend to install your FanWrap. Do not use any automotive soaps that contain waxes. If there is wax on your vehicle your FanWrap will adhere to the unstable surface of the wax and fail. You want to ensure your vehicles surface is clean and free of wax, oil, other debris and contaminants.

STEP 3: Thoroughly dry your vehicle. Any moisture on the surface will cause installation failure. Place your FanWrap on the vehicle with the paper backer still attached (to decide on graphic placement). Once the location has been determined, make note of where your FanWrap will overlap door handles, door seams, window seams, etc. Apply cutting tape to these areas as per instructional video.

STEP 4: Remove the paper back from the top half of your FanWrap and loosely apply it to your vehicle. Use the supplied FanWraps Squeegee to apply the graphic to your vehicle. Apply the squeegee to the graphic in horizontal passes. Working the graphic from top to bottom. Once the top portion of your FanWrap is applied you may remove the remaining paper backer and continue to squeegee the FanWrap onto the vehicle.

If you encounter trouble areas such as door handles, body hinges or surface irregularities, you may need to make relief cuts with a pair of scissors for optimal fit and to prevent unwanted creasing.

STEP 5: Once your FanWrap has been applied, you will need to complete any trimming that may be required with the cutting tape you applied in Step 3. Remove filament from the tape and begin to gently pull the filament towards the FanWrap. Once the filament has reached the FanWraps edge, hold the edge of the FanWrap and give the filament a quick tug to initialize the cut. Continue pulling the filament in the direction of the cut to complete the trimming in this area.

If you do not complete these steps you take the risk of an early failure of your FanWrap.

Tips and Tricks: Don’t get discouraged if you have air bubbles or a small wrinkle in your FanWrap. Our FanWrap material has specially designed air egress channels that prevent the trapping of large air bubbles. Small air bubbles will transfer out of the FanWrap in a couple of days. The FanWrap substrate is gas permeable and won’t hold air bubbles.

Click here to download the above instructions in PDF format.